Countdown to The CrossFit Games: Brooke Wells Talks Training, Motivation and More

By Team Cellucor

What is your goal going into The Games?

I want to do the best that I possibly can. I always want to feel like I am as fit as can be heading into The Games, improving myself with each competition.

How have you been training over the last few months to prepare? 

I recently moved to Boston for a month to train with my coach and other athletes that are being coached by my coach, Ben Bergeron.

One of them being the Reigning Fittest Woman on Earth! So it couldn't be a better setup!

What are you confident in physically? What are you working on improving as The Games get closer?

I am always confident in moving a barbell and anything heavy. I have been working to improve my upper body pulling strength.

Favorite/least favorite part competing in The Games.

Favorite part is just the unexpected! All of the adversity and unknown is so much fun and I thrive off of that. I don't really have a least favorite!

What was something you learned the first time that you will implement now?

Just take it one moment at a time! No need to start worrying about an event Saturday morning that's going to take place Saturday night.

Just focus on each moment, one by one.

How do you plan on detoxing/celebrating after The Games?

I always miss out on celebrating my birthday because it is always a few days (this time a couple weeks) before The Games so I will definitely have a lot of making up to do!

I'm always so exhausted after the Games, I just really relax! I may be going to London after The Games this year just to take some time off. I like to focus the down time on hanging out with my friends and family and just RELAXING. Maybe take some yoga classes and hop in with the CrossFit classes taking place at my gym and hang out with the community.

What’s the next goal?

I mean after this year I will already be preparing for next year!

My goal is always just to keep improving. Finish school.

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