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by Jen Jewell June 29, 2017

Over the last few years, I’ve spent a lot of time traveling for work. As a result, I've had to take a super flexible approach to my workouts in order to stay on track with my fitness goals. Many times I've had little to no gym access, which has forced me to develop workouts that I can do anywhere without the use of weights and cardio machines.

Now, you may be thinking, "Jen, I hear you, but I need weights and cardio machines to have an effective workout."

Trust me, I used to have the same mentality. But the more I traveled, the more important it became to be versatile with my workouts. And you know what? It hasn't hindered my progress one bit. In fact, it's helped me overcome plateaus!

I urge you to try any of the below "no gym needed" workouts the next time you are traveling.

You won't be disappointed! 

The Workouts

The purpose of these workouts is so you don't have to hit the gym and use heavy weights or machines. But I carry these lightweight pieces of equipment with me wherever I go. If you have these handy, pack them up and incorporate them into your workout.
  • Jump rope
  • Sliders
  • Loop band
  • Resistance band with handles

Workout 1: 20-Minute HIIT 

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds back-to-back without rest. After one full round, rest briefly (up to 1 minute). Repeat this format until the 20 minutes are up. 

Optional Items: sliders and jump rope

  • Jump rope (if no jump rope, sub this for running in place or mock jump rope movement)
  • Spiderman push-ups (with sliders at feet)
  • Reverse lunges (with sliders for lunging leg)
  • Mt climbers (with sliders at feet)
  • Jump rope
  • Side lunges (with sliders at feet) (30 sec/leg)
  • Modified push-up with alternating single arm forward reach (with hand on slider)
  • Jump rope
  • Sliding leg curls on floor (sliders at both feet)
  • Bear crawls (with hands on sliders) (2 forward/2 reverse, repeat for 30 sec)

*Rest briefly, then repeat.

Workout 2: Hotel Room HIIT

Do the following exercises in order and then repeat 5 times for a cardio burn.

  • 15 Burpees
  • High knees, 30 sec
  • 15 push-ups
  • 15 jump squats
  • Bear crawls, 30 sec (2 crawls forward/2 crawls backward for the 30 sec) 
  • Jump rope for 2 min
  • Bodyweight sit-throughs, 30 sec
  • Rest briefly (up to a minute it necessary)

Workout 3: Hotel Room HIIT #2

Perform 30-45 seconds of each exercise below, back-to-back. Rest up to one 1 minute, then repeat for another full round. *Note if you have a loop band you can use this around your legs, below your knee, to increase the level of difficulty for any of the exercises below that have a (*). 

  • Burpees**
  • Toe taps
  • Jumping jacks**
  • Jump squats (wide stance) **
  • Push-up to side plank rotation
  • Side to side squats**
  • Plank jacks (elbow plank)**

Workout 4: Outdoor Travel Workout

One of my favorite ways to maximize my “tourist time” while traveling is to throw on my workout clothes and running shoes, and head outside! I often plan ahead and book a hotel that’s near a park or other pedestrian-friendly areas that would be conducive to exploring the location on foot. On a recent trip, in-between seeing some nearby sites, I also stopped by a beach and managed to fit in a serious workout!

Below is another fun challenge that combines bodyweight training with running. If you’re not a runner, you can power walk or jog.

Perform each exercise listed below for 30 seconds, back-to-back, for one full set. Then walk or jog around the park for a lap (or power walk or jog in the area for up to 2 minutes). Then, repeat the circuit for another round. Continue with this format, aiming for a total of 3-5 rounds.

  • Walking lunges
  • Push-ups onto the bench
  • Wide stance jump squats
  • Dips off of the bench
  • Step-ups onto the bench, 30 sec/leg
  • Bodyweight sit throughs

Finish the workout with a brief cooldown. Walk around the park or nearby area to explore and enjoy!

Jen Jewell
Jen Jewell

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