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Supplement Ingredients that Enhance Your Weight Loss Efforts

Supplementation can be especially useful to enhance the effort you're putting into your weight loss journey, including these three ingredients that pack benefits.

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You’re ready to start a fat loss phase, you’ve got a diet plan and training program planned out. But you want an extra edge to help you take your results to the next level. We’re going to cover supplement essentials for losing weight so you can pick the best ingredients to ramp up your metabolism and support fat loss from all angles.

The Best Fat Burning Supplement Ingredients

Caffeine for Fat Burning

Caffeine is a popular supplement among dieters because of its benefits that range from energy and focus to increased metabolism. Research shows that caffeine can promote increased energy expenditure in a dose dependent manner and pre-exercise ingestion of caffeine can increase maximal rates of fat oxidation. This means that as you consume more caffeine your body burns more calories and consuming caffeine prior to exercise increases the fat burning effect of your workouts. [1,2]

In a meta-analysis looking at the results of caffeine on weight loss in 13 studies, the researchers concluded that greater caffeine intake was associated with reductions in weight, fat mass, and BMI.[3]

A separate study on weight management, the researchers observed that higher amounts of caffeine consumption were associated with greater success at maintaining weight loss results.[4]

Capsimax® Cayenne Fruit Extract for Fat Burning

Capsimax® is a concentrated extract from cayenne fruit extract. Capsimax® uses Omnibead encapsulation technology for a controlled release of capsaicinoids without the stomach upset. [5] Capsaicinoids contribute to the burning sensation associated with spices like cayenne pepper. Capsaicinoids have been investigated because of their potential benefits on weight loss due to their ability to promote lipolysis, the breakdown of fat.[6]

A 12-week study on subjects supplementing with Capsimax® showed a beneficial effect for reducing body fat mass.[7]

GreenSelect® Green Tea Phytosome for Fat Burning

GreenSelect® is a standardized green tea extract that utilizes phytosome technology to improve the absorption of green tea’s catechins. [8] Catechins are rapidly metabolized compounds found in tea that are believed to contribute to tea's beneficial properties.[9] Green tea extract rich in catechins have shown beneficial effects on weight loss when combined with diet and lifestyle changes.[10] One of the mechanisms that catechins are proposed to support weight loss are through their ability to promote thermogenesis, thermogenesis is the production of body heat which is associated with the burning of fat cells.[11]
In one study men and women supplementing with GreenSelect® daily while following a low-calorie diet decreased BMI levels and lost 14kg of weight compared to the control group that lost 5kg after 90 days.[11]

In another study, women supplementing with GreenSelect® while following a lifestyle modification intervention for 3 months were able to lose weight and maintain weight loss.[12]

Yohimbine for Fat Burning

Yohimbine is a popular supplement among bodybuilders for its potential effects on fat burning. Yohimbine administered prior to exercise has been suggested to boost lipolysis (fat burning) and circulating levels of free fatty acids which can potentially promote fat loss.[13]

In a 21-day study on professional soccer players supplementing with yohimbine, the athletes experienced significant reductions in body fat mass and percentage of body fat.[14]

In a 3-week study on obese patients following a low-calorie diet, supplementation of yohimbine was effective in increasing the mean weight loss of patients.[15]

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