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The Science Behind Reaching Fitness Goals

Table of Contents

Nick Bustos

I have a very specific approach to my personal fitness goals. I work on areas/body parts that I feel I am lacking and try to build those areas. I want my body to be as symmetrical as possible, both in strength and aesthetics.

That doesn't mean that I just do more bench press to build my chest, as most would think.

Instead I combine specific training methods with strategic nutrition tactics, such as carb cycling , to help maximize growth, thickness and overall muscular conditioning.

It is very hard to eat as much as I need to when it comes to getting bigger, so supplementation is a must. I use gainers during the off-season to bump up my calories. I also take 3-4 servings of BCAAs daily. I find that if I don't take them, my workouts suffer. Since being with Scivation/Cellucor, I have gained 5-7lbs of lean muscle mass over the last 3 years.

Sam Okunola

My scientific approach to training is simple: building muscle requires resistance training at a consistent frequency. I train five to six times a week, making sure each muscle group is getting 10 to 20 sets of volume (Sets X Reps X Weight)

In terms of nutrition, I make sure I am in caloric surplus and eating enough protein to help my body recover and grow.

My workouts are pretty long and to make sure I don't put my body in a catabolic state, I mix fast-digesting carbs with some BCAAs to get me through my training. Post training, I ingest a high quality, fast-digesting whey protein so I can turn on MPS (Muscle Protein Synthesis).

Adam Klink

From a CrossFit perspective, the way we train actually isn't very scientific at all. Often times we go by feel over sticking to the plan. The one thing that has helped me in working towards my fitness goals is a scientific nutrition and timing. After and while you workout, you have a very small window to get the nutrition you need in order to recover properly. I train multiple times a day and coach numerous classes a day and I am not always able to get a meal right after my training. A lot of times I am hopping right into coaching a class. Scivation BCAAs and Cellucor Products (whey protein, creatine, and glutamine specifically) have always played a key role in getting the proper nutrition throughout my day. The combination of BCAAs and whey protein help me build and main muscle mass as well as help fight fatigue throughout my day. This really helps me stay ready for my next training session.

Shane Nickels

When I'm training I switch my method every two weeks.

The first method is lightweight high volume (4 sets of 15-20 reps). I'm talking 10-20lbs less than what you usually do for the exercise. The second method is heavier weight. Doing 5 sets of 5.

Nutrition is a huge part in reaching a personal goal. When gaining mass I try to stay around 4000 calories and 400 grams of protein per day. Yes it's a lot of food but your body will get used to the amount of food it's taking in and when.

Using supplements to help you achieve personal goals is key. Whey protein should be your first purchase for supplementation. Numerous studies show that it can help you increase strength, and gain muscle. So for me I'm not going to be able to eat enough real food to get to the calories and protein I need. So adding some whey protein for a meal or 3 is a great way to get your protein in. BCAAs are also crucial They are the building blocks of protein. They help rebuild the muscle fibers in whatever muscle you just got done shredding. They should be a huge part of your daily supplementation. All of this is what has led me to get the results and achieve my personal fitness goals.