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How to Hit Your Most Ambitious Fitness Goals

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This year it’s all about BIG ambitions and seizing every opportunity to live up to your full potential. Where do you start? Right where you are.

Here are a few tips to help you pursue your goals, whether you’re starting fresh or leveling up.

Plan ahead

It isn’t the sexiest part of reaching your fitness goals, but it is number one. You must have a plan in place BEFORE you move a muscle. Planning doesn’t have to be complicated either. The best plans are clear, purposeful and perfectly aligned with your goals…which brings us to four critical elements of a solid plan.

  1. Set SMART Goals. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-based.
  1. Anticipate obstacles. Busy schedules, fatigue, stress–none of us are immune to the ups and downs of the daily grind. But you can play defense and anticipate roadblocks before they happen. Start by reflecting on what held you back from hitting your goals in the past. Then strengthen your arsenal so you’re prepared to combat those challenges this time around.

  2. Be efficient with your time. Time is most certainly money when it comes to your fitness goals. Every second counts, especially when life starts to pick up. Don’t waste precious gym time scrolling through your phone looking for a workout. Have one ready to go before you walk through the door. Set your gym clothes out the night before a morning workout. Use Sundays to rest and prep your meals for the week ahead so you aren’t scrambling for healthy eats when hunger strikes. Simple strategies like the above yield BIG returns.

  3. Do your research. Before you set out on a mission to conquer your fitness goals, make it a point to get a handle on the fundamentals. It’s tempting to dive into a new flashy program that promises crazy results, but nothing beats mastering the basics and learning proper mechanics of essential exercises. Pair that knowledge with a solid nutrition plan that is suitable for YOUR personal goals, and supplements to maximize your training efforts, and you’ve got a trifecta!

  4. Take recovery seriously: Recovery is underrated but SO important for the long game. Unfortunately, the beginning of the new year is a time when everyone pushes the limit too far, too fast. Ultimately, this leads to a burnout. By the time March rolls around, they have to start all over again. Don’t make that mistake! Take recovery seriously by committing to proper rest, nutrition and supplementation, to help you get the most of every moment you aren’t pushing. In our experience, a go-to recovery strategy actually starts DURING your workout and continues all the way through until the next session. Take your XTEND Original during your workout so that you can fuel your body with BCAAs and electrolytes. And afterwards have XTEND Pro as your post-workout protein.

  5. Workout hard, play hard: There’s no point in looking and feeling great if you aren’t enjoying the process. Make time for other priorities in your life outside of the gym. Go have some fun with friends and family. Celebrate victories with craft XTEND Mixology cocktails. Unless you’re competing or you’re an athlete by trade, you can afford to balance the whole fitness thing with the whole life thing. Most of all, stay committed and reap the rewards that come with putting your health and fitness at the forefront of your plans.

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