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Boss Everline's Mixology Recipe: Pineapple Amigos

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Team XTEND's Boss Everline took XTEND® Mixology to the next level with his at-home mixologist "skills" and handy Mixology Toolkit. His signature spin on Pineapple Amigos takes a generous pour of tequila and our Tropic Thunder flavor for a sizzling summer day or night.

Wondering what XTEND® Mixology is all about?

Your drive to live life to the fullest and fittest inspired us to create a selection of XTEND®-fueled cocktail recipes (that can easily be enjoyed unleaded). Think of the Mixology movement as a reward for all your hard work in the gym, designed to help you celebrate every aspect of fitness: work, play, and recovery.

"XTEND Mixology is about lifestyle balance. I'd rather drink with XTEND BCAAs to keep the calories low. I'm going to get up and get it in the morning, but for now, cheers to this Just Train Pineapple Amigos recipe, my friends." - Team XTEND's Boss Everline


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