3 Supplement Ingredients that Enhance Your Weight Loss Efforts

By Robert Schinetsky

There comes a point in all of our lives when it’s time to end the incessant bulk and drop a few pounds. Whether it be for a vacation, wedding, or feeling just a bit too “soft”, we all have to undertake a fat loss venture and with that comes the effort to do so. 

Aside from a solid nutrition and training program that has you burning fat while preserving lean muscle, supplementation can be especially useful to enhance the effort you're putting into your weight loss journey. 

Today, we’re going to look at three supplement ingredients that pack weight loss benefits. 


Caffeine is great for just about everything – increasing energy, improving focus, but it’s also an invaluable ally if your goal is to lose weight.

Caffeine stimulates lipolysis, the release of stored fatty acids into the bloodstream so that they can be burned (“oxidized”) for energy.[1] By liberating these stored fats, caffeine helps to transform you into an actual “fat burning” machine, rather than a sugar burning one.

Additionally, caffeine also improves exercise performance and endurance.

How does that support fat loss?

Well, if you have the energy to stick to your workout program and show up to each one full of focus and the power to perform, you’ll burn more calories, and since weight loss essentially boils down to calories in vs calories out, the more calories you expend each day, the faster you can lose weight.

The final way in which caffeine aids fat loss is through its actions as a mild appetite suppressant[2].

The key with caffeine is that you don’t want too much or too little. Too much and you feel jittery and overstimulated. Too little, and you won’t experience the benefits. The key is to find a supplement that has just the right amount of caffeine for your goals. 

As great as caffeine is, it’s just the beginning of the best supplements for losing weight. 


Derived from the bark of the Pausinystalia yohimbe tree in Central Africa, Yohimbine is another powerful CNS stimulant that offers some proven fat loss benefits, especially for those “stubborn” fat areas that won’t go away no matter how much you diet or exercise.

What makes yohimbine so effective for annihilating stubborn fat is its actions as an alpha adrenergic receptor antagonist.

Huh? alpha- what?

Fat cells on your body have two types of receptors on them called alpha receptors and beta receptors. Alpha receptors delay fat release, while beta receptors accelerate fat release. When your body releases catecholamines like adrenaline and noradrenaline into the bloodstream, they can either bind to the alpha or beta receptors. 

Obviously, in an ideal world, you’d only want them to bind to the beta receptors, but this isn’t an ideal world, otherwise, we’d all be walking around with six-pack abs.

To further complicate things, areas of our body that do have stubborn fat also tend to receive less blood flow than other areas of our body, which means that these fat releasing hormones can’t make it to the fat cells to initiate the release of fat.

Here’s where yohimbine is a saving grace.

By acting as an alpha adrenergic receptor antagonist, yohimbine essentially “blocks” up the alpha receptors on your fat cells, allowing norepinephrine to dock at the beta receptor of the fat cell and initiate lipolysis.

In other words, yohimbine stops your body from inhibiting fat loss.

The “catch” with yohimbine is that insulin really hinders its fat burning benefits. Sure, you’ll still get the energy-boosting benefits of yohimbine, but not much in the way of fat loss. That’s why it’s generally recommended to take yohimbine first thing in the morning, making it an ideal supplement for your morning fasted cardio.

What’s really great about yohimbine is that research also notes it can reduce body fat without affecting lean mass[3], and it even helps suppress appetite, further accelerating fat burning.[4]

Synetrim® CQ

Chances are you’ve never heard of this ingredient before, and we don’t blame you.

Synetrim® CQ is relatively new on the weight loss supplement scene, but it’s broad range of benefits simply make it too good to pass by.

Derived from Cissus quadrangularis, Synetrim® CQ is an all-natural, standardized extract clinically proven to enhance weight loss and metabolic function. The ways in which this novel fat burning supplement works is fairly diverse too: 

  • It helps reduce fat and starch absorption (meaning it reduces the calories your body absorbs from eating certain types of food)
  • It inhibits certain digestive enzymes
  • It enhances lean muscle mass
  • It helps regulate emotional eating, which can often derail a solid diet.

Multiple human trials have been conducted on Synetrim® CQ and noted that it can significantly reduce body weight, body fat, waist circumference, blood sugar, and cholesterol.[5]

Best of all, Synetrim® CQ is stimulant-free, meaning you can take it day or night for "anytime, anywhere" fat burning and not have it disrupt your sleep. 


The process of dieting and losing weight is never easy, or all that enjoyable, but with the right supplements, the process can become significantly more manageable and effective. Coupled with the right diet and exercise program, these supplements can accelerate your weight loss efforts so you’re leaner faster, and can get back to building muscle quicker.

Click here to find your perfect weight loss supplement based on your unique goals. 


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