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4 Healthy Snacks to Satisfy Sugar Cravings

One of the most overlooked and important aspects of staying lean is controlling cravings. Try these four snacks to satisfy your sugar cravings!

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One of the most overlooked and important aspects of staying lean is controlling cravings.

Whether you have a cheat day, cheat meal or you’re following an “if it fits your macros” plan, there’s a fine line between moderation and overindulgence. Months of dedicated training and dieting can be undermined by overdoing it with potato chips, chocolate bars, Nutella, popcorn, ice cream and other popular snacks. Controlling the indulging chaos is key to keeping your physique in check.

Try these four snacks to replace your trigger snacks and you’ll see that nothing can hold you back from your physique goals.

Trigger: Cookies

Substitute: Chocolate Peanut/Almond Butter

Packaged cookies, baked cookies (or any type of cookies), are really hard to just have one or two of. If you’re one of those, “whole box of Chips Ahoy Chewy” types, don’t even get started on cookies. Opt for flavored almond butter or peanut butter such as Peanut Butter & Co 'Dark Chocolate Dreams' or Justin’s 'Maple Almond Butter'. These nut butters provide healthy fat, a good source of protein and taste amazing. 

Trigger: Ice Cream

Substitute: Flavored Greek Yogurt or Yogurt Custard

Instead of spooning out ice cream until you can’t scoop anymore, get single-serving containers of flavored Greek yogurt, which has more protein than standard yogurt and not much fat compared to ice cream. For a more ice-cream like texture, try a packaged yogurt custard made of whole milk like Yoplait’s Custard Yogurt for dessert. The great thing about Greek yogurt and custard yogurt is the large variety of flavors available such as banana, salted caramel, dark cherry, chocolate, and more.

Trigger: Potato Chips

Substitute: Quinoa Clusters

Potato chips are loaded with salt and carbohydrates, and barely any protein. Quinoa clusters/chips such as I Heart Keenwah quinoa clusters and Simply 7 quinoa curls are perfect substitutes. I Heart Keenwah’s bite-sized granola clusters have 3+ grams of protein per serving and the Simply 7 quinoa curls pack 5 grams of protein per serving. 

Trigger: Chocolate Bar

Substitute: Homemade Protein Bars

Homemade protein bars are delicious, easy to make, and they aren’t loaded with sugar like a candy bar. Your standard candy bar might have 3x more sugar than a homemade protein bar might have. And best of all, if you have some protein powder at home, you probably have all the ingredients you need to make one. When candy cravings kick in, grab a homemade protein bar to make the healthy type of gains.


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