Your Fitness Journey: Expectation vs. Reality

By Ron 'Boss' Everline

My goal as a trainer is to be real with you. Part of being real is dealing with expectations vs. reality when it comes to your fitness goals. It goes a little something like...


Clients always ask me if one bad meal or missed workout ruins their progress or if one good meal or workout gets you results and the obvious answer is NO! But still we all get into that mode of measuring our results by one action. Eating healthy and working out is all about putting in effort every opportunity you can and learning to balance out the "bad choices". 


We need to shake the thought that results happen overnight. It isn't REAL. Trust me, if you let yourself believe the lie, you're going to be disappointed, frustrated and it will kill your motivation. Embrace the process to progress. Quality results require an investment of time and good ole fashioned hard work! No matter what challenges you face or where you are in your fitness journey, Cellucor and I want you to welcome discomfort and accept the challenge! Just train your mind and your body will follow. Enjoy the journey!  

 - Boss

About Boss

Ron ‘Boss’ Everline is an intensely motivated and energetic athlete who has tremendous experience training some of the entertainment industry's biggest names. But Boss was an athlete long before he became a trainer. He spent his early life dedicated to football and played throughout college with sights on the NFL. It wasn't until later that his love of fitness led him away from a football career and down the path of personal training. He established his training business ‘Just-Train’ alongside former NFL player, Ben Emmanuel II. Boss relies on his athletic background and focuses on workouts that are functional, efficient and creative. Boss is an ‘all or nothing’ kind of guy who strives for greatness in all areas of life.


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