Weight Loss Step 3: Maximize Your Fat Burn

By Jen Jewell

You have goals, you have a plan. Now you need to take action and make every second count. Most of us are busy and we don't have hours on end to dedicate to workouts. We have to maximize our time.  

Exercise clip alert! 💥💪🏽💥 Who else got their workout in today? 🙋🏽 Challenging combo from today's session where I did burpees with a lateral hop (or lateral mini tuck jump) over battle ropes combined with some battle rope jump squat action 💦 Watch the clip a few times to check out the battle rope and squat jump sequence. Try 30 sec of the burpee combo straight into 30 sec of the battle rope combo for each set! TIP: if you've never done burpees with a lateral hop/jump, skip adding the tuck jump hop in until you get your form down, then add the tuck jump in for an extra challenge 💃🏽🐇 #funwithfitness #jumpjumpjump #burpees #battleropes #jumpsquats #cellucor #c4 #personaltrainer #onlinetraining #mystrongmoment #exerciseideas #exercisevideo #workout #cardio #bodyweighttraining #tuckjumps

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Tips to Help You Maximize the Burn

When you're strapped for time...

You should always aim for a full workout. But sometimes it just isn't realistic with a hectic schedule. That isn't an excuse to skip out on a sweat session! I’ve squeezed in some seriously challenging workouts in 15 minutes or less. How? I'll pick 5 exercises and create a circuit, performing as many rounds of that circuit as possible in 15 minutes and only taking a 30-second break (max) between each completed round. 

When you're weight lifting...

Weight lifting is an important part of a weight loss program. To maximize the work you're putting into these sessions, limit your rest periods, go a bit lighter and do more reps during your sets. Add in supersets or mini bursts of cardio in-between sets. Doing so keeps your heart rate up! 

When you're taking a breather...

If you are going to be taking some mini rest periods throughout a workout, use a timer to help ensure that you’re truly staying within the predetermined rest period range (say 30-60 seconds between sets). Avoid getting side tracked. No social media, calls, or texts! 

Working out for weight loss is all about being efficient and maximizing the time and effort you put into your sweat sessions. You should feel the burn! 

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