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by Jen Jewell March 12, 2017

Last post I talked about igniting the spark by finding purpose and setting a goal. Now what? As the popular saying goes, “a goal without a plan is just a wish!" 

There are a few key elements for making a weight loss plan stick:

Anticipate Obstacles 

Think about past goals you've set and the challenges you faced. What prevented you from reaching your full potential? Was it making the time for consistent, quality training? What about poor nutritional habits during the workday, at home, or both? If you can identify obstacles ahead of time, you can be prepared to overcome them.

Find Solutions

It may not seem like it if you've failed to reach your goals in the past, but trust me: your problems have solutions! For example, if you tend to make poor food choices when you're on the go, make it a point to educate yourself on healthy restaurant options, or plan ahead and prepare meals/snacks to carry with you. If time is an issue, start small. Dedicate 15 minutes to a workout every day but do your research on time-efficient routines. If a busy schedule stands in your way, embrace flexibility and structure your workouts to fit your lifestyle. There are always solutions to your challenges. All it takes is a little thought and planning. 

Have a Realistic Timeframe

Do you have a wedding in 2 weeks? Hitting the beach in a month? Prepping for a show in 6 months? Your plan should have an "achieve by" date so you can take the appropriate steps today to get closer to your goal tomorrow.  


Jen Jewell
Jen Jewell

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