Why Shannon Sharpe Has 'Too Much to Lose'

By Shannon Sharpe

Disciplined. Determined. Dedicated. What do those words really mean? In my world, they’ve been more than words--they’re the code or ethos I live by. My story is nature vs. nurture at its finest. I wasn’t supposed to play in the NFL or be in the Hall of Fame. This life wasn’t decided for me, I created it. 

Built for more

Growing up in a small farming community like Glennville, Georgia, you have two options: plant your roots and live modestly, or move on to something bigger. To say I had a humble upbringing is an understatement. My grandfather was a hardworking farmer. He and my grandmother raised their 9 kids and my Granny then took over the responsibility of raising my mom’s 3 kids. At a young age, I knew I wanted better for my family and myself, and I developed a deep fear of being less than I was capable of. My dreams required more than a farm, and they were far, far away from Glennville, Georgia...

Failure not an option

Fast forward to my sophomore year in college. At that time, I was playing football while trying to maintain my grades.

Anyone who has played collegiate level sports knows that you’re faced with a lot of stress and temptation.

The physical and mental demands are unlike anything else, and it takes a tremendous amount of focus and willpower to stay on track. Back in those days, we didn’t have cell phones, only pay phones. One afternoon, without any quarters to spare, I placed a collect call to my Granny. As usual, the operator picked up and directed the call, but this time it was different. Almost a minute passed before I found out that my Granny wouldn’t accept the call because she couldn’t afford a $50 phone bill.

You could say I got a wake-up call…

My grandparents raised me, gave me everything they could, yet the most basic things that most people took for granted, were dreams to them. I walked away from the phone, tears welling in my eyes. From there on out, I made it my life’s mission to put in endless sweat and sacrifice so that my Granny would never again have to struggle to pay a bill.

Fit for Greatness

I’ve always possessed a mental edge. But I could not have succeeded if I didn’t train my body to meet my mind’s demands. Most people think that diet and training are secondary to an athlete’s sport. But in reality, diet and training can mean everything to a player. Your body is your ticket to greatness!

You need to be confident that, in a game, at a moment’s notice, you could call on your body to perform at an elite level.

That physical component is what always separates the good from the great.

Purpose precedes success

I’m proud of my accomplishments, but they are more than just reasons for praise. Yes, I played 14 years in the NFL. Yes, I made it to the Hall of Fame... Yet, my proudest moment was and still is, seeing the smile on my Granny’s face, knowing that she raised me to be the man I am today. That honor is greater than any victory or award.

More, still...

I always say, "you can fool a lot of people but you can’t fool yourself." When the clock runs out, you have to live the standard of excellence you held yourself to. It doesn’t matter how far I’ve come or how much success I’ve had, I’ll always find solace in the grind and sweat.

About Shannon Sharpe

"Shannon Sharpe is considered one of the greatest Tight Ends to ever play the game. His accomplishments landed him in the Hall of Fame class of 2011. He was a player that literally redefined his position, a wide receiver in a tight end's body providing championship mettle for every team he played on. Sharpe’s contributions to the National Football League are legendary. He personified what an athlete should be and ended his illustrious career etching his place in history as the all-time NFL leader on several prestigious lists." Read his full bio here.

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