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by Craig Capurso May 12, 2017

I see you over there... You're eating all the right muscle-building foods, taking your supplements, following a training program and moving through each workout with perfect form. You're on your way to building muscle. But you're also overlooking one small step that can improve your training and your results.

It’s time to put your mind where your muscle is. You must establish that mind-muscle connection.

What is a mind-muscle connection?

The mind-muscle connection is when you channel your thoughts and energy into the muscle you're working. It's harder than it sounds, especially when you start to lift heavier weight. It can be a struggle to focus while you're trying to push out each rep with everything you’ve got. 

How do you form a mind-muscle connection?

There’s one very simple way to form a mind-muscle connection: Concentrate on the muscle you're working as you move through your reps. Your mind will send signals to your target muscle and as a result, the muscle will fire up. You'll squeeze and flex where necessary and ultimately, you'll step up your lifting potential and results. 

The Three Mind-Muscle Principles

Remember these three principles of mind muscle-connection next time you're in the gym: 

  1. Focus: Tune out distractions and tune into your body. If your mind is wandering, you won’t be able to establish the connection. 
  2. Visualize: Picture the muscle you want to work and hold that image in your head. This takes practice, but once you can do it, you're golden. 
  3. Activate: Using your focus and visualization, stimulate the target muscle as you work through the motion of your reps. Imagine the burn and don’t let up until you’ve finished the set. 

I challenge you next time you are in the gym to make a conscious effort to establish that mind-muscle connection. You'll thank me later when you notice better results. 

About Craig

Team Cellucor Athlete Craig is as hardcore as you can get in the fitness industry. He is a fierce competitor who has transformed his physique multiple times throughout his career. Both new and experienced fitness audiences can benefit from Craig’s wealth of knowledge in all areas and styles of training. As both an entrepreneur and family man, Craig so knows a thing or two about the importance of maximizing his time both in and out of the gym. Follow his journey on Instagram ( @craigcapurso).

Craig Capurso
Craig Capurso

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