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by Guest Contributor March 23, 2017

At 51 years old, I had always led a pretty active life. Battling a weight issue most of the time but could keep it somewhat in check. I was active in scuba diving, working a full-time job, and additionally going to college to earn my engineering degree. But then as it sometimes does, life and weight caught up to me. I found myself in congestive heart failure, on oxygen pretty much 24 hrs a day and struggling just to move around my house. I was forced to retire on disability and found myself in and out of the hospital on a monthly basis.

When the image on the left was taken, it was the day a cardiologist told me, ‘Dan, you are not going to see another year at this rate.’ At that point, I was furious with him but mostly at myself for getting to this point. I had to make a change.

Slowly but surely I began altering my lifestyle.With the amazing support of my family and an amazing medical team, I began to make progress.

I started off just using a hand bike to build endurance, eventually working up to a stationary bike, then eventually I made it to the treadmill. Five minutes and I was done! After putting in some hard work and having many, many days of wanting to stop, I could see huge changes happening in my life and health.

My starting weight was 502 lbs. That number still to this day does not seem real!

Today, I’m weighing in at 198lbs and my life has forever changed! I’m running 3 miles per day and weight lifting too!

My wife and I are now training for our first 5k! Life is truly different for me and my entire family. My advice to you is to stay focused on your goals and believe they can be achieved! Most importantly, find a support system. My family has given so much to help me achieve my goals, without them this would not have been possible. 

Guest Contributor
Guest Contributor

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