How Ron 'Boss' Everline Uses Cellucor® in His Workout Routine

BY Team Cellucor

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Looking to jumpstart your fitness journey?

Let Ron ‘Boss’ Everline, Cellucor®'s new Chief Fitness & Business Ambassador, inspire you with his favorite workout essentials. Keep reading below for an exclusive look at Boss' Cellucor® favorites as well as how he adds them to his fitness regimen. 

What are some of the most interesting or exciting projects you are working on now?

Right now, the biggest transition in my life is entrepreneurship. I am excited to show people the business side of me, to be able to show my growth (and lack of). I don’t know everything, but I do know a lot, and I’m willing to come to the table to listen and learn, and to be a vessel of good. I’m 36 and a new dad, and I want to let the world know that opportunities can continue to grow. I am excited about my work with C4® and Cellucor®, for example. I have been working with this company for years, but I used to dream of the day I could say I was a partner of C4® and Cellucor®. It took a lot of hard work and time to make this happen, and I am excited to share the journey. I am looking forward to sharing, to learning, and for people to see me in the way of business and be an example of someone who truly preserves.

Boss's Favorite Stack for Shredding

Boss' Shred Like a Boss Bundle features of product combination of C4® Ripped, CLK, Alpha Aminos for ultimate weight loss and muscle recovery. 

  • C4® Ripped is an explosive energy and cutting formula pre-workout
  • CLK is a non-stimulant, toning and sculpting formula
  • Alpha Aminos are performance BCAAs for hydration and recovery

Boss's Favorite Stack for All Day Performance

Boss' Stacked Like Boss Bundle features a premier product combination of C4® Extreme, Alpha Aminos, COR-Performance® Whey Protein, C4® Energy, C4® Smart Energy to build muscle with energy.

About Ron “Boss” Everline

Ron “Boss” Everline (@justtrain) is a fitness icon, entrepreneur, and #TeamC4 legend. As an integral member of the C4 Energy family for 6+ years, his vision, motivation, hustle, and passion for C4 will help foster continued growth and elevate our suite of brands: @C4Energy @Cellucor, @XTEND 

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