How To Achieve Greatness and Become a Fitness BOSS

By Ron 'Boss' Everline

Greatness. A notion that has been around for ages. But societies and cultures around the world have maintained a skewed perception of what greatness actually means. Today, in America, a culture so overwhelmingly saturated by media and entertainment, people believe greatness equates only to monetary success and fame. The result?

We’ve missed our own opportunities to achieve greatness because we set goals based on what society deems essential for success.

Success and greatness seem to go hand-in-hand, and both are entirely based on perception. To the CEO, success can be defined as the monetary value of their company. To an NBA player, success can be hitting the winning three-point jumper with .4 seconds remaining in the game. To the bodybuilder, success can mean putting on X amount of muscle in a certain timeframe.

Success is different for everyone. But the determination, discipline, and perseverance within these successes attribute to its greatness.

So then the question becomes, what does it really mean to be great? To me, people are not born with greatness. Greatness is achieved. It comes from understanding where we are and where we want to be. It’s about finding the motivation to never stop getting better. For me, my motivation is to be a great example for my family. I use that to fuel me every single day...

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When I initially stepped into the fitness world, I knew that I had to show my clients that there was something that set me apart from the rest.

My view on greatness changed when I was training one of my first clients, singer, and songwriter, Ne-Yo. At the time, he was on a world tour, and every day was a new country. There were times we hadn't slept in forty-eight hours. Even still, I was never late and always held him accountable. However, at one point the chaos of the tour caused his focus to dip and consequently, he thought he needed a new trainer to push him. I thought, NO. I realized it was my responsibility. I couldn't allow him to lack focus.

I immediately began working every day as if I were an intern, reminding myself that my success was tied to his physical success.

His goals became my goals. And I had to lead by example. From then on, there were no excuses. We were having great training sessions because I began training with him. After a few months, his transformation was very impressive and he became even more motivated. We were landing in new countries, learning and experiencing the world, but always going straight to the gym first. He was at his peak but even still, I couldn’t rest on achievement–I had more to do.

I was incredibly humbled by him essentially saying 'I wasn't enough.' It fueled me.

I began to strive for more than what was expected. Then something unexpected happened. As I was helping him create his greatness from a fitness perspective, he was helping me create mine. The mentality and concepts I formed during that time have helped me throughout my fitness career.

My goal is to help my clients achieve a goal they want. Then, I push them to take it much further. To me, that is greatness.

About Boss

Ron ‘Boss’ Everline is an intensely motivated and energetic athlete who has tremendous experience training some of the entertainment industry's biggest names. But Boss was an athlete long before he became a trainer. He spent his early life dedicated to football and played throughout college with sights on the NFL. It wasn't until later that his love of fitness led him away from a football career and down the path of personal training. He established his training business ‘Just-Train’ alongside former NFL player, Ben Emmanuel II. Boss relies on his athletic background and focuses on workouts that are functional, efficient and creative. Boss is an ‘all or nothing’ kind of guy who strives for greatness in all areas of life.

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