5 Quick Fitness Tips For Every Beginner

By Team Cellucor

We won't draw this out for you. There are a few quick fitness tips that every beginner, despite your goal or training style needs to hear. 

  1. Start slow. Every step counts. “I run...slower than molasses, but I run” applies here.
  2. Seek guidance. Everyone needs guidance when they start. Don’t be too intimidated to ask someone for help. Even the most advanced fitness gurus were beginners once.
  3. Think “movement” not workout. The idea of exercise is scary if you’ve never really taken the leap of faith. Make the goal to move more and after you start looking and feeling great, you'll want to workout more. 
  4. Phone a friend. Having a support system is crucial for success in any fitness program. Let them motivate you and hold you accountable for the goals you set. 
  5. Train your mind. The mind will give up a thousand times before the body will. The mind is the first thing to stop you or push you forward. It’s all in how you view exercise. If you label it a chore, it will never be fun. If you think of it as “you” time, it becomes a bit more enjoyable. 

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