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The biggest sweep of the SZN!

Our lucky winner Preston Wideman won a trip to Chicago to see two of our team C4 Energy all-stars Lonzo Ball and Justin Fields play. We connected with Preston to talk about his love of Chicago sports teams, the experience of winning the grand prize, and favorite C4 flavors.

How long have you been a fan of Chicago sports teams?

I’ve been a fan of the Chicago Bears since I was 12 years old, although funny enough I had a Chicago Bears poster in my room at the age of 9 and I don’t think I even knew who they were at the time. Being from St. Louis most people would have expected me to root on the St. Louis Rams, but I never grew a connection to the team. As far as being a fan of the Bulls, I haven’t been a fan of them until recently after they signed two of my favorite basketball players Lonzo and DeRozan. Although, I’ve been a fan of Lonzo for quite some time, even before he was drafted by the Lakers. I had him and UCLA going all the way in most my NCAA brackets way back in middle school. Lonzo’s jersey during his time as a Laker was my first NBA jersey I ever bought and I haven’t seen him play since his rookie year, but this was my first to see him as a Bull! When it comes to Justin Fields, I’ve been a fan of him and his play style even before the Bears took him with the 11th pick this past year. Seeing him play during his rookie year was another dream come true. I had to wait two months before I could get ahold of his jersey that I preordered the day they were posted. Being able to wear his jersey at Soldier Field was an incredible experience!

What made you a fan of Lonzo and Justin?

I’ve always love the swagger of both athletes and how they carry themselves. They both have a very flashy play style and yet both are incredibly humble and love the sport they play. The hype surrounding both athletes when they were drafted brought so much excitement to their sports and me. Both of them are some of my favorite athletes of all-time and I’ll have plenty of stories to tell of both of them for quite some time now!

Do you remember where you were when you found out you won the sweepstakes?

I entered the sweepstakes because I saw ads posted all over my Instagram feed with Justin Fields and Lonzo Ball and seeing them play so my interests were already peaked. Plus, I already followed C4 energy so after I saw the post I entered as many times as possible, sharing with tons of friends and family. When I found out I won, I jumped out of bed and ran around my apartment as if I had just won the Big Gamel LOL! It was truly a dream come true. I’m so thankful to have had this opportunity to visit Chicago and watch two of my favorite athletes ball out!

What was it like visiting Chicago?

Experiencing Chicago was amazing. I have never once been to Chi-Town prior to winning the sweepstakes, but with being a Bears fan I knew a lot about the city and its culture. When we first arrived, there was a small misunderstanding with the hotel. Since I was 20 years old and under 21 we were not permitted to stay there so I got in contact with Spencer, and he quickly resolved the issue by booking us a room at another hotel roughly two blocks away. That gave us the opportunity to walk the streets of Chicago in broad daylight and get a feel for the beauty of the city. The games were amazing and electric! The Bulls game was full of ups and downs as Lonzo and the Bulls tried to defend their lead from Lebron and the Lakers which ended in our favor. Meanwhile the Bears didn’t quite go the same, but it did remain tight until the very last second of the game! It was amazing! If only the game ended with a win for Chicago..

What was your favorite part of the trip?

My favorite part of the trip was the Chicago Bears game and watching Justin Fields play. I’ve been a Bears fan from St. Louis like I said since I was in the 7th grade. Being from St. Louis I don’t ever get the opportunity to see the Bears play. And as everyone from Chicago knows the Bears needed a quarterback and watching Justin play made me really excited for the future and being that close to the field was an opportunity I may never have ever again. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience.

When did you first discover C4?

I first discovered C4 a couple years back when I worked at a retail store stocking shelfs. I always thought C4 had really cool and unique packaging and I noticed it was really popular, so I decided to buy some pre-workout to give it a try and it’s been my #1 ever since!

I’ve had a few experiences with C4 prior to winning the sweepstakes, in the beginning the only products I used was the pre-work the fruit punch flavor specifically with water before hitting the gym. I always liked the fruit punch flavor because it reminded me a lot of Kool-Aid but with an extra kick to it. I also bought C4 energy drinks that were sold at my local Walmart a few times to help me stay awake while studying for finals. My routine has changed quite a bit with having the years supply because not only am I drinking C4 a lot of times before getting ready to study for hours but also before work to help stay focused and motivated throughout my shifts.

What is your favorite flavor of C4 Energy?

Purple frost is by far my favorite at this point because it reminds me of my dad who always gave us grape soda growing up and it reminds me of him every time, I drink it.


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